Outdoor Vacuum solutions: In some applications, where the water table is high or excavating the ground is very expensive, the use of an alternative method instead of the traditional one to transfer the waste water from a collection point outside a facility to the main municipality sewer network or to a treatment plant becomes the right choice to do. We in RTC, in association with QuaVac, can provide the clients in the Middle East with such an alternative method using the vacuum technology. The benefits of using QuaVac vacuum sewage system network extend to a shorter installation time for the infrastructure network and can be implemented in complex situations where there is plenty of other infrastructure systems using the same subterranean routes. RTC can provide our clients in the Middle East with comparison studies for each situation to aid the client in making the decision of which is the most suitable for their project.

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Indoor Vacuum Solutions: From the drive to have sustainable and greener buildings, the search for advanced engineering methods to reduce the amount of water used in the facility was on. After decades of advanced engineering tests, the indoor vacuum sewage systems emerged as the most effective and the most beneficial method in saving water in a facility. In this method, we connect the fixtures directly to the vacuum network and eliminate the need for huge amounts of water to push the waste from the fixtures to the manholes.

RTC, in association with EVAC, offers clients in the Middle East the most advanced indoor vacuum system solutions that can fit all the needs and applications. EVAC drainage technology is very versatile and offers a wide range of benefits, without any of the constraints that can come with gravity systems. EVAC vacuum systems give your building advantages such as earning green credentials for your brand, using Evac water saving technologies that help you achieve LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, and HQE certification, adding to the overall value of the building for capitalization.

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