Solid Waste solutions: The clean and smart city designs require modern methods to handle and collect the waste. This method should be hygienic and more efficient than the traditional waste collection methods. Thus, RTC, in association with ECOSIR, introduces the pneumatic waste collection (PWC). The PWC uses the vacuum generated in a horizontal piping network to transfer the solid waste from user-friendly waste inlets to an independent waste collection facility. During this process, the solid waste is automatically segregated into different fractions and then stored/compacted in dedicated locations for easy and safe handling in the collection facility. All of this is done automatically and in a few seconds. This type of solid waste collection is perfect for cities, hospitals, hotels and any facility complex with a horizontal landscape. With a bit of modification, the PWC station can serve multiple types of applications in the same facility, such as collecting the linen and the bio-waste in the hospital along with solid waste using the same PWC station.

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Food waste collection: For any professional kitchen environment and large food processing facility, managing the organic waste collection is essential in maintaining a hygienic environment and efficient production. Thus, RTC, in association with ECOSIR, introduces the automatic food waste collection system using the vacuum technology. The vacuum food waste collection system is an iteration of the PWC system for the solid waste. However, it uses different types of inlets (shredders) and the pipe size used is smaller.

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