Assessment and Consultation:

At RTC, we believe that the vacuum technology is an alternative rather than a replacement for the traditional solutions. Therefore, the first step is to provide the client with the proper assessment of whether the vacuum system will fit the client’s needs and provide them with a suitable solution. RTC’s team of engineers are very experienced in preparing assessment reports and helping the client develop a solution for each case.

Design and Development:

RTC’s team of engineers are well experienced in designing complex vacuum systems, either for indoor or outdoor systems, complete with calculations and engineering details. Furthermore, we also provide consultation on designs made by others and advise our feedback and thoughts on them, to help the client optimize their design for vacuum systems.

Construction and Supervision

RTC’s team can provide the client with full turnkey solutions for vacuum systems. RTC’s team can take over the supply and installation of the vacuum system with our own experienced team. However, RTC’s solutions are as flexible as the vacuum system itself. Hence, we can offer supervision on the installation of the vacuum system to be done by the client’s own team whenever this case is preferred by the client.

Service and maintenance:

The proper service and maintenance of the vacuum system is one of the key factors in having a successful and functional vacuum system. RTC’s well trained and experienced technicians are one of our strongest assets in this regard. RTC’s service team is capable of conducting all types of complex service operations on indoor or outdoor vacuum systems, not only the ones provided by RTC, but also the ones provided by others.